My friend helped me to save $80 on party dress which I purchased it online instead of buying it from store

You may not believe what I have found out just a few days back! I really felt so wonderful about buying something online but here’s the cache—I saved 80$ for a very stunning sophisticated party dresses that I am going to wear on a very special event where I will be awarded in Australia as one of the top teenage entrepreneur and guess what? This will happen in just a couple of days from now!  Isn’t that exciting?

So, who says purchasing online is expensive?

I have always heard about online stores such as ebay, amazon and zalora. There could be a thousand more. With ebay, I knew they sell old items as well as new……such as cabinets, books, electronic items and thinks like that, but I never even really checked that site for more than a second. I don’t really know why but it could be because I didn’t have the intention of buying any single item online. With zalora though, I check their website once in a while just to see “what’s in”, I wasn’t tempted to order anything because in my heart and mind, I know it is much better to buy clothing in a department store. Well, I love going out anyway and going shopping is of course one of my favorite things to do ever! SO, I thought “why would I even bother ordering any item online if I could just enjoy the fun of shopping, at least I could fit the clothes I am buying right?” But now that I don’t have the time to go shopping and the event is happening in a few days, I was really freaking out!!

cocktail party dresses fashionI called my friend, in despair I told her what the issue is, “I haven’t gone back to the malls to check their new items after I tried fitting at least 5 party dresses last week with you”. I really felt crying because I thought she’d offer me her own party dress OR maybe even suggest using my old one which is NOT—definitely not an option for me. I am going to such wonderful event where I am going to be the awarded for being such a competent business woman at an early age so I better look my best! So, my friend finally said “ why not check zalora?” or try forever 21, I’m sure you’ll get that good looking dress you have ever wanted to wear on that special event you are talking about…you may even end up saving money by buying  what’s on SALE!

Well I hated the suggestion but tried it anyway! I went online right away, goggled “the best online store for party dresses”, “the best place to buy dresses online” and online store to purchase party dress on sale”… I got a bunch of different information—all offering items on sale! But nothing seemed to allure me! I tried a couple of times more, this time I checked almost all online store that are on top of the search engines to make sure I’d get the best websites to choose from. Finally, I found one! So, I checked their items, women’s clothing. I saw this black sophisticated dress that really fits my style. It’s a halter neck, long backless dress that reveals my silhouette. It’s made of 95% polyester and 5% Lycra! It looked as though it was made exclusively for me.

I waited only 2 days for this perfect looking black dress I am going to wear in this party and what’s more to this experience is actually the great feeling of buying online for the first time, the convenience and the thought of saving time AND money! Imagine? I saved $80.00!!! YES, and I love it. My friend helped me to save $80 on party dress which I purchased online instead of buying it from a store. This money I can spend on matching accessories for that dress, right? I have nothing to match my beautiful black long dress with. I needed a new pair of dangling earrings that would complement not only my long evening dress but also my party necklace. I also needed black high heeled shoes that would make me really well-dressed and deserving of a 2nd look!

How to buy dress online?

I am really glad I listened to my friend’s advice—to check what’s online. So, here are the details of what I did to get the complete deal of purchasing my party dress online.

  • I went to the online store, and then signed up!
  • After signing up, I received a welcome message in my inbox with a 10% discount on my first purchase.
  • Then when paying for the item, the website would ask you if you have a coupon code, so I checked where theses coupons are and of course found one that I could use with 20% more discount. Great deal isn’t it?party dresses online

Right now, I am busy getting more information on how I can get the maximum deal buying the things I need online. Aside from convenience, there are of course other reasons why online shopping/online stores help us. In my case, I was running out of time and although at first I wasn’t really concern about the price, it pays to know that I can get special deals just by shopping online.

Anyway, here are the 3 most important things about purchasing online that I’ve learned which I thought would also benefit you:

  • When purchasing online, make sure that you read some of the reviews first, this will help you decide if the website is legit or not.
  • Also, make sure that you understand the agreement, orders most of the time will take 5 business days to be delivered, so be sure to contact customer service first and ask how long it may take. You don’t want to end up waiting the whole day on your doorstep, do you?
  • 3rd thing is make sure you use the online shop for your benefit. Look for special offers. Saving 10% to 70% makes a great deal of a difference. You can use the money by buying some other necessities.

So, try something new for a change. You can buy just about anything online—save your energy, your time and your money.